Hawaiian Impressions

July-August 2018

I was lucky enough to explore Big Island, Hawaii and let me tell you, I fell in love once again. Nature, colours, scents, the sound of the ocean and birds, flavours…WOW!

During a three week yoga-teaching program I got to dive into an interesting yoga-bubble, where we practiced yoga on a daily basis, learned about culture, poses, breathing-techniques and ourselves.

The second part of my journey I spent doing a work&travel program (inbetween hurricanes and volcanic eruptions), that I highly recommend if you want to travel, yet, don’t want to spend too much of your money (https://www.workaway.info). There as well, I learned a lot about hawaiian family values, Ohana, and got to meet lovely people.

Thank you universe for making me choose such magical place, thank you mom&dad for getting me into a position where I can afford sweet escapes like Hawaii and thank you to every awesome soul that I met and got to connect with on my travels.

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